Hi, I am Tammy, welcome to my little virtual corner in the cyber world. I have spent most of my life trying to bring the little creatures I see in my dreams to life. I hand sculpt and paint each and every one. When the process is complete they seem to be born with their own personality.

I love to use a variety of styles including steampunk and cyber punk. One of my favorites is Shabby Chic! This is the mix match style I chose to decorate my shop in. All artwork is performed on Faerie time...

After years of hard work I now have an awesome studio here in Cornwall New York where I also create puppet characters and work on projects for Bill Diamond's Creative shop. I also get to wear another hat as the Art Director for Legends Film & Fantasy Pictures Studios.

I work behind my giant "Troll Factory" doors.

Belford and Elspeth are the secretaries today making sure the phones get answered :O)

Thanks again to all of you that purchase my fantasy creatures because your support makes all of these magical things happen. I can never thank you enough for the kind words of inspiration and the ideas you share. Keep them coming! You all keep me so inspired to build new better worlds! ~Tammy


Email comments or questions to Tammy@fairy-willow.com

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